Nutra Foundation and Vinomis Laboratories

As the founder of The Nutra Foundation, I (Mark Juliano) should disclose that I was indeed a co-founder and CEO of Vinomis Laboratories — a maker of Resveratrol and other natural products. However, while I remain a stock holder in Vinomis, I have played no active role in the company since 2009.

While I do sincerely believe in Resveratrol as a natural supplement due to my personal use of these products, Nutra remains unbiased as to Resveratrol in general and recommends several high-quality products containing Resveratrol.

More importantly, my journey into natural products began several years before founding Vinomis (in 2008) as a result of personal research, investigation, and use of natural products and a variety of pharmaceutical products (some with adverse effects) throughout my life. As a child I suffered from extreme allergies and respiratory illness, in addition to more severe illnesses in my adult life. I hasten to say that some of these pharmaceuticals were indeed god-sends and cured some of my illnesses.

This journey and investigation led me to start Vinomis — where I realized through a thorough reading of materials and discussions with doctors and university researchers — that BOTH natural products and pharmaceutical companies have inherent biases to promote the positive effects of their products.

I also realized that most Websites have biases due to the fact that they generate considerable advertising and sales dollars from pharmaceuticals and nutraceutical products. Unfortunately these biases lead to misleading information for the consumer, and hence the primary reason that The Nutra Foundation was created.