Resveratrol – Fight Aging With This Substance

By   |   May 24, 2010  (Published in eZineArticles)

Share this article on FacebookShare this article on TwitterAging is a natural process that we as human beings cannot prevent or hide from. In this day and age where most people are putting a high price on their appearance, aging suddenly becomes an embarrassing thing for many of us. Aging is often met with negativity and its early manifestations are a big blow to persons confidence and moreover, to his/her attractiveness to other people. Women especially are stigmatized when aging. This is why more and more people are spending a lot of money to cover up and slow down the early signs of aging.

It is a good thing that modern cosmetic and dermatological technology has allowed people to reverse or control this natural biological process. Modern skin technology has armed us with a number of ways to battle the early signs of aging. We can now have cosmetic surgery to restore or enhance a certain part of the body where signs of aging are apparent. Furthermore, products such as anti aging treatments and creams are now widely available in the market. These products if used regularly are claimed to reduce or eliminate the signs of aging.

However, cosmetic surgery is too expensive for most of us. Using the services of a cosmetic surgeon nowadays is something cost prohibitive and has a stigma attached to it. Insurance usually does not cover these procedures, which can be too expensive to pay out of pocket for. Meanwhile, anti aging products, treatments, and creams are not guaranteed to work for everyone. These products usually only work if the skin is compatible with the product. If the users skin is sensitive and very prone to irritation these products can trigger further skin damage and can lead into more grave skin diseases and disorders including hives. It is important to use the proper product for your skin type to ensure you will not have any problems and a dermatologists’ advice is usually recommended before beginning any facial regimen.

A natural alternative to these expensive methods is present in the foods that we eat, particularly in fruits. Scientists were able to discover a substance called Resveratrol, a breakthrough that has caught the attention of medical experts around the world. This recently discovered anti-aging substance is produced by plants when they come under attack by fungi and other pathogens like bacteria.

Resveratrol is a rich source of antioxidants which are proven to gradually reduce the signs of aging. This substance is commonly found in abundance in the skin of berries and red grapes. Our favorite wine is also a rich source for this substance and a substantial amount of intake of red wine is proven by many experts as a good anti-aging regimen.

Apart from presenting a cheaper medication for people who are currently affected by serious ailments and chronic diseases; this substance can also provide help in dealing with aging. Many dermatologists are now suggesting consuming foods and food products that contain Resveratrol. This anti aging agent is discovered by experts to help in reducing age marks including fine lines and deep wrinkles. This substance, if consumed on a regular basis, is proven to reduce face damage including wrinkles and lines. Furthermore, studies have also discovered that this substance also helps as a conduit for cellular regeneration, a process which can help reduce age spots.

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