Humor: Underlying Causes of Health Issues

[NOTE: this post is intended to be humorous — though beneath humor is generally a thread of truth…]

I sometimes joke with friends that it’s unfortunate that doctors don’t (or can’t) give their patients prescriptions which solve the true underlying cause of people’s health issues. Admittedly some of this is because today’s doctors are primarily trained to diagnose medical problems without considering life-factors and environmental factors in their patients (or even understanding them). Though more likely, it’s because the patients don’t want to hear, accept and change their lives to truly solve their problems.

For example, many people know that the underlying cause of many health issues are stress. But what’s a doctor to do? If the cause of your stress is a bad marriage, should they prescribe getting a divorce? Can you imagine if they literally wrote that down on a prescription …

Or if your kids are driving you to drink, should they write a prescription for to disown your children? Or quit your job if your boss is a monster? Or move to a new state if your in-laws are driving you nuts?

I’ve often thought that I’d like to be a doctor who could write such prescriptions — seriously :)) I mean, if they really wanted to solve the problem, these might be the best recommendations …

And of course, in some ways I am being serious. Getting out of a bad relationship, or changing jobs, or moving to a less stressful environment can indeed be good for your health. Naturally, these drastic changes are difficult — but perhaps we all should truly consider them if we are looking for a long healthy life … :))

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